Autofocus is now accepting submissions for our summer 2024 online issue.

Autofocus is an online journal for any form of artful autobiographical writing: personal essay, memoir, confessional poetry, curated journals & diaries, curated letters & e-mails, bits & pieces of each of these, or some other thing that makes art from your specific life. Since all autobiographical work—due to the nature of memory and self-perception—is in some way fictional, we do welcome autofiction. But since writing on the site is not labeled by genre, please know readers may interpret your piece as memoir.

Our submission call for the summer 2024 issue is otherwise unthemed. Please keep single prose submissions under 3,000 words for this call. You may send up to two (2) different prose pieces in the same submission if, combined, they come in under 2,000 words. For poetry submissions, please submit up to three (3) poems totaling no more than five (5) pages. If it’s hybrid, do what seems to make sense based on that.

Collaborative work is welcome, too. So is work that includes photography and visual art (if you have permission to use it or created it yourself). Work that may require special formatting is also welcome, but it's hard to say without seeing a piece where the line is on what we can  accommodate on the website; please be aware. 

We assume simultaneous submissions. Previously unpublished work only please.