We’re seeking personal essay, memoir, confessional poetry, curated journal/diary, curated letters/e-mail, hybrid explorations of the self, and any writing that makes art from your life.

Please keep single prose submissions under 2,000 words. You may send up to two (2) different prose pieces if each is under 750 words. For poetry submissions, please submit up to three (3) poems totaling no more than four (4) pages. If it’s hybrid, do what seems to make sense based on that.

Since all autobiographical work —due to the nature of memory and self-perception—is in some way fictional, autofiction is welcome. However, since work on the site is not labeled by genre, please understand that readers may interpret your piece as memoir.

Collaborative work is welcome, too. So is work that includes photography and visual art (if have permission to use it or created it yourself).

Simultaneous submissions are expected. Previously unpublished work only please.

We try to respond between 30 - 60 days of submission if possible. Typically the longer submissions have been open, the longer the wait. If you receive a rejection for your submission, you are welcome to send another submission whenever you'd like.

Autofocus Online is looking to publish reviews of books and/or text interviews with authors of books published by large or small presses that exemplify the kind of work we also like to publish: book-length essay, memoir, curated journal/diary, curated letters/e-mail, autofiction, confessional poetry, hybrid explorations of the self, and anything that makes art from the writer's life.

We prefer reviews we publish to be self-reflexive, framed by the personal. We are fine with criticism about the books as part of the discussion, but we don't tend to publish mostly negative reviews. We like to publish reviews that guide people toward books through another writer's personal engagement with it.

Please send completed reviews up to 2,500 words for consideration. 

We prefer reviews we publish to discuss both the interviewee's life and writing.

Please send completed interviews up to 3,500 words for consideration.

If your review or interview is a bit longer, but you think it's a really great fit, just send it anyway.

If your review or interview is not completed and you'd like to pitch it first, you can do that by emailing autofocuslit@gmail.com. We can indicate whether we might be interested, but when completed, we will still ask you to submit the final piece here for processing and consideration.

If you'd like to pitch an ongoing review or interview column, you can do that at the same email too.

Simultaneous submissions are expected. 

Previously unpublished work only please.